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Whether you just bought a new refrigerator, had one given to you or just need to move it and put it in place, installing a refrigerator involves many tasks. They are big, heavy, need to be measured to see if it will actually fit into where it needs to go and more. Not only is it a matter of placing the fridge, you also have to figure out the plumbing and location of the plumbing.

Step 1. Measure


The first thing you need to do is measure out a spot where your refrigerator is going to go. It is going to be near the sink so that you can tap into the water line to run to the fridge.

Step 2. Get Your Tools


You are also going to need a tube cutter, tape measure and soldering torch to do the job and 1/4 inch flexible tubing, 1/2 inch copper pipe, copper tee, and water supple stop valve. In order to do this, you need to locate that closest cold water source to the refrigerator. You will find these either under the sink, in the wall, below the floor and even sometimes in the ceiling.

Step 3. Water Line

Refer to this page for more info. In order to keep lines out of harms way, run them above storage areas and behind drawers if you can. You then need to figure out which water line connection you want to use. You can choose from a regular tee fitting that is soldered, a saddle valve or a compression tee fitting. You are then going to want to do the recommended thing and remove a section of cold water pipe then solder a copper tee that is 1/2 inch, which is standard. When you are connecting the lines, make sure your water is turned off at the main valve. You then want to drain your pipes by running the faucets. You are then going to solder a 3-4 inch piece of copper into the tee under the sink then solder the valve that stops the water supply at the other end. After that is done, turn the water back on and check for leaks. After attaching everything that needs to be attached, you are going to want to flush out the tubing. In order to do this, run a gallon or so of water through the new lines via bucket before you attach the refrigerator. Use the owners manual to attach the tubing.

Step 4. Plug it in

You are then going to move the refrigerator into place and plug it in. You are going to want to wait until it gets to temperature before putting food in it to avoid anything prematurely thawing.

Installing a refrigerator is more complex than just throwing it in and turning it on and if you need help you can call us for our refrigerator installation and repair service. If you are putting it in a place that already has the hook up, then it will be as simple as just throwing it in, but if you are installing one in a brand new place, be sure to follow the owners manual to avoid voiding your warranty by incorrectly installing your new refrigerator.

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