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Organizing your refrigerator is something that everyone wants to know how to do. Sometimes, there are certain things that you just cannot fit in your refrigerator without squashing and dropping bottles or food. So, some genius people have come up with ways to hack your refrigerator and keep it organized and neat. An organized refrigerator means that what you are looking for will be easy to find and you won’t have to move food around to get to it.

Do You Have An Issue With Keeping Bottles Where They Are Suppose To Be?


One easy way to stack them without them falling all over the place is to attach a binder clip to the rack and stack the bottles against it. This will keep the bottles from slipping and rolling all over your refrigerator.

Organization Hacks

Another great hack for keeping food organized is to take your lazy susan to a whole new level. Place your prepped food in the containers and place them in the refrigerator. This means that you will never have to worry about forgetting about your food that you have in the fridge. Magazine filers are the perfect way to organize your freezer and make space. They are also great for refrigerators.

Hate Cleaning Your Fridge?

If you are the type of person who just does not have the time to constantly clean your fridge, line it with cling wrap. When the cling wrap gets dirty, just remove it and put more on.

6 Packs

Another great hack is 6-pack containers. Place these on the door and put your bottles in it. This will keep them from falling over when the door is opened. Same goes for soda containers. Cut them in half and store them with the cans facing upright. This will save room and keep the cans from rolling out of the box.



If you are the type of person who likes to keep things labeled, place baskets in your refrigerator and label them with whatever is in them. Have one basket for fruits, one for vegetables, cream cheese, sandwich fixings and more. This will save time when it comes to looking for all of the things that you need if you are in a hurry or just don’t feel like moving everything around. It is also a good idea to take things out of the refrigerator that do not need to be refrigerated. A

Smelly Odor Hack

Another good hack for the fridge is to put a container of activated carbon in it. This will eliminate any odors that you may have floating around in there. You can also try baking soda.

There are many hacks for keeping your refrigerator clean and organized. Many people just like to throw their food in the fridge and call it a day and others like to keep it clean, tidy and hassle free. These hacks are great for those who like to have an organized refrigerator. It makes things much easier to find, less messy and you never have to worry about bottles falling over and rolling around. Nothing is worse than opening your fridge and having a bottle come flying at you from the top shelf. These hacks will take care of that issue for just a few dollars.

If hacks aren’t going to fix your fridge problems, consider give a refrigerator repair man a call.

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