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Nothing is worse than going grocery shopping for the week and having all of your refrigerated foods thawed and spoiled because your refrigerator stopped working. It costs you time, money and a lot of food. If your food hasn’t completely thawed out, you can probably save it if you can diagnose your refrigerator issues on time. It may be something small or it may be something that requires you to replace the whole refrigerator, which is what noone wants to do if they absolutely don’t have to because refrigerators are not cheap. So, if your refrigerator is acting up, check for these signs and symptoms then if you can fix it, go for it. If this is a little overwhelming or you just want it fixed no, consider giving our refrigerator repair service a shot.

Fridge Isn’t Cooling

fridge too hot

If your refrigerator is not cooling, make sure the condenser coils aren’t built up with dust. If this happens, the condenser coils are going to overheat. If this is the case, unplug the refrigerator, clean off the coils and plug it back in. If the seal on the door is broken, this means that warm air can make its way into the refrigerator and effect the temperature. If this is the case, replace the seal. If you still have a refrigerator that isn’t cooling, check the thermostat, fan and compressor.

These things can have a negative effect on how the refrigerator is cooling.

Fridge Is Too Cold

Too Cold

If you are having the opposite problem and the refrigerator is too cold and freezing everything, check the thermostat, the freezer temperature and the circulating fan. If the freezer is too cold, it will make everything in the refrigerator freeze and the circulating fan could be blowing cold air through the refrigerator.

So Much Noise


If your refrigerator is making a lot of noise, check the fan. If it is not lubricated, it will make a loud noise because of metal rubbing against metal. If the fan no longer operates correctly, you should replace or fix the loose fan. If you have a rattling pan, this means that it is too close to the compressor, just reposition the tray.

My Fridge Is Leaking

Another common problem is that the refrigerator is leaking water, which is never good. If this is an issue, check the lines to the dispenser, if it is broken, they will need replacing. Check to make sure none of your lines are cracked, broken or clogged. These seem to be the most common reasons for a leaking refrigerator.

Water Dispenser Doesn’t Work

If your refrigerator has a water dispenser that isn’t working, make sure there is water pressure operating at 20 psi. If it isn’t, the water will not flow to the refrigerator. You could also have a bad switch, clogged filter, frozen tube or bad control board.

Refrigerators could have many things that go wrong with them. You are going to want to diagnose it as quickly as possible or give the Appliance Repair Pros a cal to avoid losing all of your food. Unfortunately, sometimes the refrigerator cannot be fixed and you are going to have to replace it. If this is the case, make sure you get a refrigerator that is guaranteed to work and last a long time.

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