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Having a problem with your induction stove can be quite a pain. They are not as easy to fix as traditional stoves and may cost more to replace. You will be able to find troubleshooting articles in the manual or on the internet if you search in the right place. This article is also handy for giving you an idea of what may be wrong with your induction stove. Hopefully you can fix your problem and do not have to replace the whole stove. Or you can give us a call for any type of oven repairs.

So, what is going on with your induction stove? If you have no power (heat or lights), check to make sure the stove is plugged in to a 120-volt outlet. If this is not the issue, check for a dedicated 15-amp line. If this is not the problem, check the fuses. It is common to have a blown fuse in an induction stove. The fuse is going to be a 250v ceramic, 20-amp fuse.

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If the stove has been handled roughly or has been dropped, you may experience issues and it will need to be evaluated.

Another issue that may arise is that the power cook and hold temp light is flashing even though the pan is on the unit and the unit is not heating. This could be becuase the cooktop is not sensing the proper pan, the pan may be too small or too large, or the pan is not centered. The pan should be no larger than 12″ and no smaller than 7″.

If your cooktop stops heating, this could be because there was a power shortage when the unit was in use. If you are using another electric appliance, this could have drawn power away from the stove if it is on the same circuit. Another cause of this is a blocked air vent. There must be a 2″ clearance for air circulation on both sides of the unit.

If you have left a pan on the unit. the safety shut-off has been activated and this may be why your cooktop has stopped heating.

Still having issues such as the pan not getting hot enough? Check the hold temp button because the cooktop will not generate more than 800 watts of power if this button is activated. If the button is on, switch it over to power cook. If you are using an extension cord, this will not give enough power to the stove if it is over 10 feet.

If your pan is getting warm enough but it is not cooking evenly, this could be an issue with the pan you are using. Make sure you are cooking with a CookTek pan or an induction compatible pan. The pan may also be the wrong shape, the wrong size will cause cooking issues, as stated above.

Hopefully you have figured out what is wrong with your induction stove. It would be a shame if you had to buy a whole new one because they are not cheap. Giving the Appliance Repair Pros a call can save you a ton of money rather than replacing your stove.

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