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So, you go to start dinner and see that your stove is not working properly, what are you going to do? You can always give us a call for any oven or stove repair needs. Stove issues are more common than you may think, whether it is gas or electric. Unfortunately, sometimes you may have to end up buying a new stove, but lets hope you aren’t in that situation. Obviously, whether you have a gas or electric stove will determine how they are going to be diagnosed and fixed.

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If your gas stove is no longer lighting, the first thing you want to do is check the pilot light. This light stays on until you choose a temperature and then it will ignite the flame for the stove and the oven. If the pilot light is not lit, just relight it with a match or a lighter and try turning it on again. If your burner flame is weak, this could mean that you have a clogged burner flame opening or there is too little gas or air going to the burner. If your oven burner doesn’t light, this could mean that your pilot light is out. If the pilot will not light, check the igniter and the thermal cutoff thermostat. A common solution to this issue is to make sure your clock-timer is correctly set.

A big concern with stoves is a gas odor. If you smell gas when the pilot flame is not on means that you need to open the windows, ventilate the area and relight the pilot light. If you have an electric stove and the pilot is lit or igniter is plugged in, this means that the burner is not completely shut off. Check all of your burners . If that is not the issue, call your local gas company, turn off the supply to the stove and ventilate the area.

Another common issue is a noisy burner flame. If you have this issue, that means that the gas stove has either too much air or gas getting to the burner. Adjust the air shutter and see if it helps. Last, but not least, a common problem almost everyone has had, is a greasy surface. To prevent a grease fire, clean the surface after every time you use it. This will help the stove run more efficiently and avoid a fire.

All of these common issues can easily be fixed. Sometimes, if there is a problem that is too complicated to fix on your own, you may have to call a professional or buy a new stove completely. You need to decide if the stove is worth paying to fix or if it would be more beneficial to just buy a whole new one. These issues usually just take a few minutes to troubleshoot but be sure to take the proper safety precautions when doing so. Either way, the safety of your home and family should be considered, especially if you have frequent gas problems with your gas stove. Call your local gas company and they will be more than happy to asssit you.

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