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So, it has come time for you to buy a new dryer, whether your old one broke down or you just want the newest model. Buying a dryer can be simple if you know what you want, if you don’t know which one you want to go with, researching the internet would be the best place to start. You will be able to compare and contrast different dryers and pick the one that would be best for you and your home. Depending on which one you pick, you may either spend a lot or a little, either way, there is a dryer that is perfect for you. If you find that getting a new dryer just isn’t in the budget, then consider using our dryer repair service.


To start the process of picking out a dryer, you are going to want to choose gas or electric, if you have the option. If you are thinking about a gas dryer, they are going to be $50-$150 more than an electric dryer. Now that you have chosen electric or gas, it is time to choose if you want a dryer with a moisture sensor. The moisture sensor dryers tend to detect when laundry is dry quicker than a dryer without one. Even though these sensors are on most models, thermostat-only dryers are also on the most basic models.

Dryer capacity is also something to take into consideration. New washers today can hold more laundry than ever, which means that the dryer has to keep up with it. So , if you have a washer that accommodates larger than average loads, you will want a dryer that does so as well. Otherwise consider putting them out on the line.


Along with larger loads, do you want better features? If so, check out the dryers that have specialty cycles such as speedy dry. This cycle will dry your clothes on maximum heat in 15 minutes. These dryers also have a choice of heat level, timed and auto dry, fabric settings and more. If you are thinking about a touchpad dryer, remember, they may look fancy and have custom cycles, but they do not improve performance.

The last thing to consider is the location of the dryer. If the dryer is close to a bedroom or family room, you are going to want something that gives off minimal noise. Some dryers will allow you to turn off the buzzer that tells you when your clothes are done, which is a nice feature if you want absolute silence when drying clothes.

There are many dryers out there on the market. There are dryers with touchpads, electronic buttons, oversized dryers, quiet, loud and more. Your personal preference is obviously going to play a large part in which dryer you choose. The more bells and whistles you want on your dryer, the more you are going to have to pay. Remember, just because it has fancy functions and a bunch of buttons, it does not mean that it is going to perform any better. It is just going to cost a lot of money for a lower performing dryer that may not even fit all of your clothing that just came out of the washer.

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