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Experiencing appliance issues can happen at the worst moments. Nothing can be more frustrating than having a good meal planned and the stove has no heat or arriving home with the weekly groceries to realize the fridge has a cooling problem. We realize how important that these modern marvels are for your convenience and efficiency. We can provide you with fast, reliable repair service on ALL MAJOR BRANDS with just one call at affordable rates. When you are experiencing an emergency, turn to us to solve the problem for you! Our labour comes with a 90 day warranty and we have never let a customer down.

All of our appliance repair technicians have both the experience and knowledge from years in the industry. We cover most of the major brands and many more.

Give us a call for a fast solution to end your problem and have your appliance working in tip-top shape once again. We are here when you need us and we will WORK AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE. All work is guaranteed. Keep in mind that we service Winnipeg and all surrounding areas when you need fast, reliable repair service on your home appliances.

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Professional Appliance Repair Services

We excel in providing high quality appliance services to homeowners and businesses in the Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

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Dryer and Washer Repair Winnipeg


Washer problems can occur anywhere inside the unit. The agitator can stop operating from breakage or something blocking it. The unit can develop a leakage out of the bottom sending water everywhere. The control panel can stop functioning, which is common on computerized panels. Sometimes a washer won’t drain properly. Common issues include the drain pump being clogged with debris.

The pump may be the culprit. It could be burned out causing the water to not eject at the end of the laundering cycle. Whenever this occurs is the time to call our company to service the pump.

Dryers can become so clogged with debris that includes lint buildup that the heating element can burn out. Once this happens on an electric dryer, the heating element must be replaced.

The drum can break loose causing it to lock into one position. Common causes for this is the belt breaking preventing the drum from rotating. The belt and idler pulley may need replacing because of a worn out belt resulting in damage to the entire system.

Like new washer repair Winnipeg


Washer and Dryer Repair Winnipeg

You can place your confidence in us to repair any of these common problems for you. Never assume that just because an appliance has an issue that you need to replace it with a new one. You can save money as many washer and dryer problems are relatively simple ones for our professional technicians to diagnose and repair to have it working like new again. That washer or dryer could be costing you extra money on electrical bills by operating them when repairs might be needed. We have the knowledgeable technicians with the experience to quickly determine what operational problems might develop with home appliances. Give us a call for your entire dryer and washer repair needs and we will do our best to work around your schedule. Our company stands behind all of our work with a 90 day warranty on labour. We built our reputation by providing quality repair service that you can count on.

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Range and Oven Repair Winnipeg

We can provide you with professional oven repair service on all models of ovens and ranges on the current market. An oven or range in need of repair can be dangerous if the problem isn’t taken care of by a professional. Carbon monoxide, electrical issues and pilot lights that won’t stay ignited are safety hazards that you don’t need to risk around your family. A gas operated oven thermostat could have trash in the line that makes the pilot light go out. An electrical problem causing it to short out or it could just be that the thermostat is at the end of its life and needs a replacement. Sometimes a gas oven can build up excess gas from an ignition that isn’t working correctly. This can lead to build-up of gas in the oven that the owner is unaware of. Continued lighting of the oven can cause an explosion that breaks the glass in the oven door. Many people often wonder why oven glass doors break and this is the cause. Whenever you are experiencing this kind of problem you should immediately stop and call us to do a service check on your oven. Electric ranges that won’t heat could have a broken element inside that needs replacing. Our service technicians can quickly replace the element to have your range working like new. Calling us is your first step to getting your electric range working efficiently again.




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Refrigerator Repair Winnipeg

Refrigerators are the most reliable appliances that you as a homeowner can have, but when they do break down, the food inside can spoil quickly. Quick service is needed in order to get them operating correctly again. Sometimes a simple fix by the owner is needed to restore the function of a refrigerator. Check the controls inside to make sure placing food items inside hasn’t accidentally moved them. Another quick and easy check is making sure the power is on by checking the fuse box and electrical cord connection. Once you have addressed these problem-solving issues, its be time to call the pros. A refrigerator might be low on coolant that makes it continually operate on long cycles. Only an experienced appliance service technician can quickly refill the refrigerant coolant needed for it to operate effectively. Our company has the tools needed to repair this problem. The start relay switch might be bad causing the refrigerator to be off. A clicking noise is the signal if the switch is defective. The compressor could be the problem causing the switch to not activate. This is another reason to call us to diagnose and repair your refrigerator. We can solve most problems with appliances. We have the tools and technicians to service all makes and models. One call to us is all that is needed to quickly eliminate problems you encounter with your home appliances. Visit our refrigerator repair page for more tips.



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Dishwasher Repair Winnipeg

Many times we receive service calls from homeowners that their dishwasher has suddenly quit operating. Frequent questions are:

  • My dishwasher won’t turn on.
  • It has a large water leak on the floor.

When these situations happen, give us a call for any of your dishwasher repair needs. Loud noises can be caused by the motor, bearings in the heater fan or the pump. These are signals that the appliance must be repaired in order to operate efficiently. The heating element inside might go bad. These are some of the problems associated with dishwasher malfunction.

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Appliance Repair Winnipeg


The Appliance Repair Pros are in business to help you maintain and repair your appliances. Whenever the need arises to call in the experts, look no further than calling us. We can quickly find the problem and explain the solution for all of your appliance needs. Our company can solve your appliance problem issues efficiently and affordably.